February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse 2008

I stayed up late last night watching the lunar eclipse and snapped a few pictures. They are not to bad for a digital camera. Of course they look better in their original size but I had to resize them for the blog.

Camera-Canon A-540 and a tripod
(Height & Width numbers are the original picture size)

W-1600 H-1200 Shutter Speed 0.81 sec Aperture F/5.6
Lunar Eclipse 02-20-2008 007.jpg

W-1600 H-1200 Shutter Speed 4 secs Aperture F/5.5
Lunar Eclipse 02-20-2008 026.jpg

W-1600 H-1200 Shutter Speed 8 secs Aperture F/8
Lunar Eclipse 02-20-2008 039.jpg

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