December 15, 2005

Nature's Artwork!

You can always count on nature to put on a show. Awesome isn't it.


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December 12, 2005

Grandma & Grandson!

There are alot of years between these two. :)

So Cute!

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December 11, 2005


There are no chestnuts roasting on this open fire but it was nice and warm.


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December 09, 2005

Marta IS Stupid!

Yesterday a Marta rider sold a token to another rider when the other rider could not get the token machine to work. Just being nice and helping a fellow rider got him arrested and the $1.75 was bagged as evidence. How asinine is that. According to Marta this is against the law. What Assholes. This person actually went to jail and has to appear in court. I guess the poor Marta Police have nothing better to do than bust someone for helping another. What miserable lives these people must lead. I am here to tell Marta that if I buy a token with my money then that token is mine and I will do with it as I please. I will flatten,melt,bend,burn,stretch,sell,give or swollow it and shit it out my ass and there is not a goddam thing you will do about it. So Fuck You Marta and spend your energy and time busting real criminals. Now we know why you are marta police, because you could not make it on a real police force.

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December 06, 2005

Saddam Hussein Trial!

The Saddam Hussein trial is a fucking joke. I have been watching some of the trial the past few days and have come to the conclusion that the whole thing is a joke at best. The fact that he is allowed to even open his mouth and talk to the judge the way he does is enough to show that their court system is very flawed. I have also noticed that every time he opens his mouth he talks about what everybody is doing or not doing for him. The testimony of torture and the like from witnesses does not phase him at all. This man is a heartless basturd from the bowels of hell and under his so called leadership has killed and tortured hundreds if not thousands of men, woman and children and all he can think about is himself. I do not believe their current court system will be able to function in the way that it is and come to a just conclusion in condemning this sick fuck to death. I am not holding my breath that this sick fuck will be put to death because he will tell them not to and they will probably obey.

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December 01, 2005

Weekly Rant!

My first weekly rant is about people who are inconsiderate and clueless when around other people.

Last night the wife and I went to Walmart (yes I shop at Walmart form time to time) to shop for a cordless phone. I would say the number of shoppers were moderate. After finding the phone we wanted we proceeded through the store to find a few other items we needed. Everyone knows that from time to time the isle you need to get to is crowded with people so you either wait for it to clear out or you go around and try to enter the isle from the other end. Once you get into the isle inevitably there is someone standing and looking at items on the shelf right where you need to be. I for one will wait until the person is finished instead of reaching around in front of them because I find this to be rude.

Of course if I am standing there looking at an item 9 times out of ten some inconsiderate asshole will either reach around or in front of me or expect me to move by saying "excuse me". At this point I will either say " I will be done in a minute" or think to myself how much I would like to elbow the asshole. I mean who the hell died and made them God?

Another thing that irritates the hell out of me are people, who when in the isle with or without a cart will stop right in the middle of the isle to talk or check their list or whatever completely clueless or not, that they are blocking the isle. This happened to us last night. A rather large woman stops right in the middle of the isle and is checking her list. I stand there a second or two and realize she isn't going to move. Under my breath but loud enough for her to hear I say "can't this inconsiderate asshole tell she is blocking the isle" and then proceeded to walk around her to continue on. My wife asked me "did you see the look she gave you?" to which I replyed "I do not give a damn, she should not be so inconsiderate to others and block the isle like she is doing. Believe it or not I looked back a few seconds later and she was still standing there with people going around her to get by.

What in the hell is the deal with these people? They are either clueless or inconsiderate or just plane do not care about anyone or anything around them. Of course these scenario's can be found in other vestiges of life also.

I notice this type of behavior is much more prevalent today than in years past so to these people I say "you may get away with treating your fellow man in this manner most of the time, but there will come a day when you try it with me and that will be the day you fucked with the wrong person".

I am so sick and tired of this attitude among people today. Respect me and I will respect you otherwise you can KISS MY WHITE MODERATE HAIRY ASS.

Of course I am not white but rather cream colored.

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