February 28, 2007

The Poor Homeless!

The poor pitiful homeless are back in the news again. Some 754,000 people are estimated to be urban outdoorsmen in the United States. I will be the first to admit that there are people who are legitimate homeless due to mental health issues or physical disabilities that leave them unable to work for some reason. Of course there are the children but I can bet itís not by choice that they are in that position.

Excluding all that I mentioned above, leaves the rest with no reason that I can see to be homeless. They are homeless because it is their choice to be homeless. Thatís right, I said it, its their choice. With all the opportunities this country has to offer there is no other reason for them to be homeless. The choices they made or did not make is what put them on the street. Blaming society or who ever else they can blame will not change this fact. After all it is much easer to beg, borrow or steal than it is to work and be responsible for ones on self, right?

My wife and I saw this first hand a couple of years ago when we decided to volunteer our time on Christmas day for the annual Hosia Willams feed the hungry foundation dinner at Turner Field here in Atlanta Georgia. We were both excited that we would be able to give some of our time to those in need but little did we realize what we would encounter that day. After arriving at the stadium we waited in a large room for a short time until our names were called to go upstairs where we would be given our duties for the day. We had the job of filling cups with different kinds of soda pop (of course everything in the south is called Coke) so that people could walk up and choose their choice of drink. We did this for about 4 hours. Now, keep in mind that there were stacks upon stacks of 2 liter bottles in racks behind us and it was obvious to us that all this soda would not be used on this day. As things began winding down some of the so called homeless were coming up and demanding that we give them a whole 2 liter bottle of soda to take with them. We told them that we were not allowed to do this and the next thing we know we are being cursed and yelled at with racial slurs and such. The hostility they were showing made us all a little nervous but what really made all of us angry was the lack of appreciation and the attitude that we owed them this stuff. A few minutes later one of the people in charge told us we could give each person who asked one 2 liter bottle to take with them. Evidently some of these people complained to someone and they got their wish. So, we began giving them one 2-liter bottle per person. We kept noticing the same people coming back for more and told them only one per person please. This did not sit well and the verbal assault began once again. They began sending different people and getting them to bring it back to them because we had all recognized the same ones from before. Needless to say it quickly got out of hand and finally someone of authority came and shut it down. Believe me, these people were not mentally challenged nor were they physically challenged they were just deadbeats looking for a handout and taking advantage of a situation.

We all left there that day disillusioned at just why these people were homeless and determined that these were the users and takers of society that made all other truly homeless people look bad. Sure, there were many people there that day that were truly in need because we saw them and felt really bad for them which is why we were there in the first place. After seeing what we saw that day I can say without a doubt that a lot of these people are homeless by choice and only live to take from society because they feel it is owed to them.

So, for those that can walk, talk and beg for money all day, I say, get a job

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February 26, 2007

Mexico's Mighty Big Balls!

Mexico is mad at us again. It seems that during the building of the border fence in Arizona we somehow strayed 10 yards into their space. Never mind that about 12 million of their citizens have illegally strayed hundreds of miles into our country. The U.S. ambassador makes a statement saying we are sensitive to their concerns and have respect for the sovereignty of Mexican soil. What a crock of shit. Why should we have any respect for their border when they have no respect for ours. These people are growing bigger balls by the day and only reinforces the fact that they have no respect for anyone or any country.

The saga continues............

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February 23, 2007

Here's One For Ya!

More Americans are killed each year by illegal aliens than in the Iraq war. What is not surprizing is that you will not hear about it on the national news.

Here is your link to the rest of the storyMore Americans Killed By Illegal Aliens

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February 21, 2007

Mardi Gras 2007!

Fat Tuesday was yesterday and the end of Mardi Gras 2007. We were unable to go this year but my friend Bill (from Houma) sent me some pictures of the festivities.

Throw Me Those beads

I dub thee King

Frat House Balcony

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February 20, 2007

More Of The Same!

The Hildabeast made her campaign rounds in South Carolina yesterday and with all the pressing issues that this country is facing she decides that the most pressing issue at this time is weather South Carolina should continue to fly the Confederate flag on state grounds. Is this really that important? Is this really anything that will affect your life? Absolutely not. As transparent as this bitch is she most likely will be elected president of the United States. Scary isn't it.

Then we have John McCain running around pandering to the Anti-War crowd by blaming Donald Rumsfeld who by the way is no longer employed by the United States and in no position to defend himself. Just more of the same lame shit that only the left can come up with, which is Nothing. I just hope they keep on doing what they are doing so everyone can see exactly what they are about.

The Libtard train continues..............

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February 18, 2007

Anybody Out There?

As I sit here tonight I relish the thought that I, of all people could do what I am doing. If I were to die tonight I would be secure in the knowledge that I was able to do what I did. Before and after tax's. I am sore and I am tired. I am about to embark on a journey of the fishy kind, with hush puppys no doubt.

The weekend is about over and a good night sleep is in order. Good night and good health.

The Mister

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February 13, 2007

The Almighty Power Of Bush!

I guess by now most of you have heard that George Bush raised his mighty hands and allowed a very strong storm with Tornado's to hit New Orleans. Death and destruction are everywhere. This man shows no mercy and unleashes his mighty power once again upon the good people of Louisiana. Never before has a President been so ruthless and destructive toward his fellow countrymen. This man must be stopped now.

God save us all.

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February 12, 2007

Ditzy Shits!

Well, just as I predicted the Ditzy Shits not only won one Grammy they won one from every category for which they were nominated. Any chance the Hollywood left gets to push their Anti-Bush agenda they are going to do it. Not only that but Jimmy Carter gets the spoken word award. Past winners include Bill Clinton, Hilda Beast Clinton and Barack Obama. Can anybody show me where a republican or Conservative has ever won that Grammy? It all boils down to one central theme "Anti-Bush".

Remember America you reap what you sow.

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February 09, 2007

Lost & Found Photo's!

I found this web site called Look At Me which shows photo's that have been lost over time and found by others. Most have no dates or names but some do. Its very interesting to see these photo's and wonder about the people in them. A moment caught and frozen in time.



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February 06, 2007

Global Warming?

With all this gloom and doom about Global Warming it seems I am not the only one who doesn't buy into this man-made global warming nonsense. You will not hear about the 15,000 or so scientists that are petitioning the United States government to reject the Global Warming agreement written in Kyoto, Japan back in December. You will not see it on CNN nor the front page of the Washington Post etc. If you would like to see the list of scientists who have signed this petition I refer you to this link Petition Project.

Now, if you are a follower and believe everything you hear on CNN then you will not read this list. If you are a thinker and do not buy into this hype then you will read it. I guess the people of Chicago who are going though the coldest winter temperatures in over ten years are blaming it on Global warming?
Yea, right.

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