September 28, 2006

What If The Oil Runs Out?

Yesterday I watched a thirty minute program on the Discovery Channel called " What If: The Oil Runs Out". Oil, the lifeblood of modern societies, is going to peak then decline irreversibly and society will not be prepared for it. It was the year 2016 and the worlds oil surplus had run out. The price per barrel was at $160.00. Importing of goods to the US by shipping and trucking had all but stopped due to the hight cost. Grocery stores were running dry of goods. Gas (when you could get it) was over 6 dollars a gallon and lines at the gas station were miles long. People in the transportation business were losing their jobs. Fuel was being stolen and horded. oil companies were frantically drilling for oil in Alaska and finding none. All phases of transportation from airlines to the family car were severely crippled. One did not even drive to the corner market unless it was absolutely necessary. All phases of everyday family life had to be restructured around this oil crises.
It was very scary to think that this scenario can and will most likely happen in the near future because the demand for this product is so high. 95% of everything we do is fueled by oil and the US is one of the top two countries that have the most demand for it. This really opened my eyes and made me think what the world will be like for my grandchildren if we do not pour all our efforts into alternative fuel sources right now. For all of those who love their SUVs, enjoy them now because later you will not even be able to give them away.

You can see this episode October 5th on the Discovery Channel at 10.00PM.

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September 27, 2006


Fall is just around the corner and that leads to winter. Anyone who knows me knows that winter is my favorite time of year. I love to buy new winter clothes. I love to snuggle with my honey in a warm cozy bed drinking hot chocolate watching a good movie. I love to sit out by a nice warm fire drinking beer and cooking steaks on the grill. Camping on a crisp fall night in the mountains of north Georgia. For me winter seems to cleanse the air of all the heat, dust, insects etc that summer brings. I hate summer mainly because of the heat but I do like all the things you can do in the summer like swimming, camping and the like.
This time of year somehow changes my mood for the better. It always has. I tend to look at things in a more positive light. A feeling of renewed vigor and a better outlook on life. Yea, give me winter any day as long as it is winter in Georgia.

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September 20, 2006

Hate VS Unity!

I just had the displeasure of watching Hugo Chavez give his hate speech at the U.N (United Nations) and I must say I was taken aback at the reaction of the house afterwords. They actually applauded this loons hate filled rhetoric. Does the rest of the world really hate the United States of America that much? Is this the end of this country as we know it? Are we really the biggest terrorist threat to the world? All politics aside I fear a monster is raising its ugly head and when it is ready to strike it will be like nothing the world has ever seen. Now, you can blame President Bush for all the hate that is directed toward the United States if it makes you feel better but who will you blame once he is out of office and someone else is running the show. Chavez made the statement "Yankee Go Home" so I wonder if the United States did pull out of all the countries that it is in right now, what the consequences would be. I shudder to think. Here at home the political climate is not much better. The hate of a lot of our own citizens towards President Bush and their own country runs so deep that they are completely blinded by it. When asked why they hate so much they are unable to give viable answers. A typical Q&A goes like this:

Me: You tell me that you hate President Bush and he is an evil man. Could you tell me why you hate him so much?

John Q Citizen: Because he is evil, thats why.

Me: what makes him so evil?

John Q Citizen: Because he is the spawn of Satan.

Me: Oh, his mother was a Jackal?

John Q Citizen: Whats a Jackal?

Me: Never mind. Is there any other reason why you hate him so much?

John Q Citizen: Well, doesn't everybody?

Me: Let me ask you this. There were Presidents in the past who made mistakes also. Do you hate them?

John Q Citizen: Thats not a fair question, I wasn't born then.

Me: Why does that make any difference?

John Q Citizen: It just does, thats why.

Me: OK, if the next President makes mistakes will you hate him or her?

John Q Citizen: As long as his or her last name is not Bush, No.

And round and round we go. As the world dictators try to unify the rest of the world against us we will forever be in a fight for freedom. We fought to gain our independence and we will continue to fight in order to keep it. Presidents past, present and future have and will make mistakes. No one leader is perfect and has all the answers because we as humans are not perfect. The ones who think they are, are the ones you should fear. To be honest I wish we could all live together in peace and the world be an oasis. Will grown men and woman start acting like adults instead of children and realize that working together is far Superior to fighting? This remains to be seen. If not, the world as we know it will be no more.

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September 10, 2006

Rockin At Flannigans!

Had a great time Friday night at Flannigans in Tucker rockin with "Under The Radar". Flor finally caught up with the bass player "Drew" for this pic.


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September 05, 2006

Drunk Driving!

I am sure most people have noticed the new commercials against drunk driving where the car or truck is full of the drink they were drinking and when they open the door or roll down the window all the liquid comes pouring out onto the street. As I sat there watching this commercial I was asking myself "is this commercial really necessary"? I think it would be fair to say that the majority of people in this country know damn good and well that drinking and driving is against the law. Why do they find it necessary to keep telling us that this is a crime. Even the stupid habitual offenders know this. I never see commericals telling us that murder,rape,robbery etc is a crime. I mean most people know this don't they? Do you really think there are some people out there who don't?

All I can say is, if there are keep them the hell away from me.

For those of you (if any) who do not know this is a crime I give you this link
Drunk Driving Is A Crime

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