October 28, 2006

Wachovia Bank!

If you do not bank at Wachovia bank you might like to know that if you get a check that is drawn on Wachovia Bank they will charge you five dollars to cash it if you do not have an account with them. As far as I am concerned this is nothing more than theft. In all my years I have never been charged any type of fee for cashing a check drawn on the same bank weather I had an account there or not.

It gets even better. When the transaction was over I made the comment to the teller that "I hope y'all enjoy that five dollars" and her answer to the comment was "Oh, we will". That smart ass bitch is lucky I am not a violent person or else I would have reached over the counter and slapped her smart mouth shut. It seems in this day and time everybody is out to screw somebody else. It is so pathetic. So unless you love having your hard earned money taken from you I would suggest you not bank at Wachovia bank. Maybe that is why there were not so many cars in the parking lot when I got there?

To the head CEO of Wachovia Bank I say this "KISS MY ASS" and I hope to god you choke on that five dollars you stole from me this morning.

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October 16, 2006

Due Dates!

My wife and I have several credit cards (believe me I am not bragging either) and we always make our payments on line as we do with utility's and banking and the like. The one thing that has always bugged me is the due date. Every bill has a due date. this is the date that the payment must be paid by so no late charges will incur. I always felt that the due date was just that, the DUE DATE. Not one day after or you will be assessed a late fee for being late. If you pay before the due date you should be fine right? As it turns out this is not exactly true. According to the credit card company's if you are paying electronically through your computer you must pay up to four days ahead of the due date in order for the payment to be posted before the due date. You would think in these days of technology and computers and the speed at which they operate that the payment would posted almost instantly. But noooooooo, it takes several days for the information to be posted. I could understand if you mailed it in because you have to allow for the time it takes to get there. Computers for the most part are instantaneous so I cannot see how it would take several days for that information to be posted. I tend to think this is a shrewed way to extort late fees out of people. What say you?

This is my rant for the day. :-)

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October 09, 2006

The Horror!

Last night I am sitting in my living room watching the telly and as usual I am flipping through channels trying to fine something interesting to watch. Out of all the cable channels we have available there are only a few I watch religiously and those are The Discovery channel, The History Channel, Sci Fi channel, Turner Classic Movies and the Public Broadcasting service. I am not a big fan of sitcoms and rarely if ever do I entertain the thought of watching them. Anyway, as I am flipping through the channels I came across the show Nip/Tuck shown on the cable channel FX. The show is about two plastic surgeons and the insane situations they get themselves into during the course of business with their patients. What caught my attention was Rosie O'Donnell offering Dr. Christian Troy played by Julian McMahon $100,000 to screw her so she could get back at her husband or boyfriend. The doctor says "I would not sit on the same bench with you for $100,000", so she says name your price and he says how about $400,000? Then she says "I will throw in another $20,000 if we can do it on the small rug on the floor".

To my horror the next scene shows O'Donnell flat on her back on the little rug on the floor with her knees in the air and the doc on top going at it while she continues to talk and ask questions. I think it would be fair to say that most people know who Rosie O'Donnell is and what shes is about so it should come as no surprise at the shock and horror of seeing this particular scene. I sense that the writers of Nip/Tuck and FX took advantage of the fact that this is the month of Halloween and what would be more scary than watching Rosie O'Donnell get laid? Its brilliant because of all the horror movies that will be shown this month I can guarantee not one will be scarier than this.

And I thought I had seen it all.

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October 06, 2006

Georgia Tech VS Maryland!

Shout out to all the guys at Georgia Tech.


GT bee.jpg

Make Turtle soup out of Maryland.

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