December 29, 2006

Happy New Year?

2006 is almost over already and I barely saw it go buy. Time is just flying by way to fast. This will not be a year to remember because of all the crap that has happened with politics and immigration and just the way the United States is being sold down the river. In all my years did I ever think this would happen to the United States of America. People just stopped caring and seem willing to let big government take over. Socialism is on the horizon and dark days are ahead for all of us. The people of this country have no one to blame but themselves. Oh, they can blame the current administration if they wish but everyone of us really needs to look in the mirror to find the real blame. I have heard so much BS from people this year but that is all it is. If people took as much action as they do running there mouths their might have been changes. Changes to keep this country strong. As it stands now we have become a very weak nation and the rest of the world knows it.
Our enemies (Illegal immigrants, Muslims, Democrats etc) are all patently waiting for just the right time to pounce and kill its prey. I am sure our forefathers are turning in their graves like never before. All the hard work and sacrifice they did to build this country only to have it squandered away by the mindless stupid people who live within it.

Will 2007 bring change for the better? If things continue on their present course it will only be more of the same bullshit. I will celebrate the new year with hope of renewed vigor and change, but what that change will be is up to us. Get some balls people and lets take this country back.

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December 22, 2006


My wife and I would like to wish everyone a very,

Merry Christmas

Peace & Love
Wallace & Flor

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December 17, 2006

Practice What You Preach!

We have all run across people at some point in our lives that thought they knew everything but in actuality know very little. These are the same people who think they have life all figured out but in reality they cannot even figure out their own lives. They are so insecure with their lives that they feel they have to tell you how to run yours thinking you are stupid enough to listen to their ignorance. Lets say it is a coworker and you have been listening to their in cohesive babble for some time. Then, one day it happens, you have had enough and decide it is time to call them on it. You finally stand your ground and let them know that you will no longer listen to their BS. They become offended and turn on you like a wild animal, yelling and screaming at you as if you were a child. You let them know that you will not tolerate that kind of behavior any longer. The only thing they can come back with is "OK you know everything, whatever". With a comeback like that you realize you have been dealing with someone who's life is such a shambles they just cannot cope with life in general much less anything else but yet, they think they have the right to tell others what is right and wrong.

If you cannot Practice what you Preach then please "Shut The Fuck Up". Go waste your time somewhere else. Speaking of wasting time, don't you have better things to do than to Waste your time trying to tell everybody else what they should be doing? Isn't a good waste of time going to the store and getting the wrong thing and then have to waste time taking it back because you were in to big of a rush to take your time and make sure you had the right thing to begin with? Isn't it a waste of time to spend alot of the day looking for your keys because you can never remember where you laid them last? People like this really need to take a good look in the mirror before they start condemning others but then these people are so self centered and so full of themselves they cannot see the forest for the trees. Everything that has gone wrong in their lives is always something or somebody else's fault, never their own. They are insecure, indecisive and incompetent. They are better not to be messed with or they will turn on you in a heartbeat. Sooner or later they will fuck with the wrong person and all their problems will be over sooner than later.

Just when you think you know someone, you really do not know them at all.

Most of all, if you are one of these people do us all a favor and,

Practice What You Preach and quit Wasting our time.

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December 07, 2006

Fire Fire Fire!

Something for a cold winters night.

Thanksgiving At Davids and Boyds 024.jpg

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December 05, 2006

Christmas Memories!

The wife and I were sitting around the other night talking about Christmas's past and how nice that time of year used to be. The children were young and full of wonder as it was for all of us. The cold winter nights we would sit around with hot chocolate and read Christmas stories to the children who would count the days, hours and minutes until Santa came to visit them. Those were such wonderful times.

Now that the children are all grown and have families of their own we spend much of our time alone. Yes, things change and those days are gone except in memory. We focus on the grandchildren and try to bring back those warm wonderful times with them. Sometimes I wish certain things would never change but of course there is no stopping time. I love this time of year and the memories I had as a small child when we would all go to grand mama's house for the Christmas eve family get together on the hill in Ceder Grove. I really miss my grand mama and pappy. They were wonderful people and will always be in my heart. I will always remember the big Christmas tree with the ornaments that would spin from the heat of the bulb below it. The mountain of gifts under the tree that all the grandchildren would try and guess what was inside and how many each one of would get. We always knew Aunt Ruth had her famous relish in there for each one of us. The smell of cigar in the air and Pappy sitting in his easy chair with a big smile on his face. All the men folk, dad, uncle Gene, uncle Herbert sitting around talking about grownup things. All the woman folk, mom, Janet, Marilin, Ruth, grand mama would be preparing the feast to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The meaning of Christmas was not lost to most at that time.

After the feast it was time to open the presents and all of us grandchildren would get to hand them out to everyone. We lived a couple of hundred yards down the hill from grand mamas house and on the way home mom and dad would have WSB on the radio in the car. Every year they would track the flight of Santa Clause and we would listen intently to the silent night sky for any sounds of jingle bells. Mom and dad would tell us to hurry and get into bed or Santa would not come to visit us. Right to bed we went but sleeping did not come easy. I remember having such heavy dreams of what I would find under the tree the next morning only to awake and realize it was only three in the morning. Going back to sleep was not an option at this point and every sound in the still of the night had to be Santa. As soon as the morning sun began to peak over the horizon we would be up and running through the house to wake up mom and dad so we could open all the presents Santa had left us.

Those were wonderful times and I miss them so. This time of year will always bring back the child in me and the memories I hold so dear.

Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to one and all.

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