May 30, 2007

Tinky Winky!

It seems that Poland was so lost for something to do that they are now investigating "Tinky Winky" of the Teletubbies. A woman by the name of "Ewa Sowinska" who is a children's right watchdog is concerned that the show promotes Homosexuality. I don't know about you but I have actually watched that show both straight and stoned and it is one weird freaky show. Didn't they catch Jerry Falwell jacking off while watching Tinky Winky strut his/her stuff? Not really sure but he has his panties all in a bunch over it.

Teletubbies has been on the air for about ten years to the delight of spaced out children all over the world. As for you adults, take the time to smoke a joint and watch the show. You will come away with one question, did I really see what I just saw?

Blow your mind................

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May 26, 2007

Fact Or Fiction?

Now we have some Christian nut-cases saying that there were Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark even though there is no proof that there ever was a Noah's Ark to begin with. They now have a 27 million dollar museum in Petersburg Kentucky called the "Creation Museum". It depicts the first book "Genesis" in that mythical fairy tail book called the Bible as the literal truth. I grew up believing in the bible because that is what my parents told me to believe in, but as I became older and able to think for myself those beliefs changed. I would consider myself more of an Agnostic these days. The whole story of the Bible is a little hard to swallow because it has more holes in it than a lonely street sign in south Georgia.

According to God fearing people the earth was created in 6 days about 6,000 years ago. That is sure to confuse millions of children who have been taught in government schools that the earth is actually 14 million years old. They also say that humans happily coexisted with the dinosaurs and Cain thought incest was best by marrying his sister. There is a soap opera I would love to see.

Believe what you will people but please keep it to yourselves.

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May 22, 2007



Yesterday Heritage released a special report written by Rector and Christine Kim titled "The Fiscal Cost of Low-Skill Immigrants to the U.S. Taxpayer.

You aren't going to hear very much about this report from the mainstream media. John McCain and Ted Kennedy, the architects of the amnesty bill, are going to do their best to ignore it.

So ... we'll tell you right here.

First .... There may be a common perception out there that these illegal aliens actually contribute to our economy by "doing the jobs that Americans won't do." Not so. Illegal alien households cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars a year. Try $89 billion.

The Heritage report points out that at least 50 percent and maybe as much as 60 percent of illegal alien households lack a high school education. This makes them low-skill households.

Here's where the numbers start to get interesting --- or depressing, if you will.

Do you know what a "distributional deficit" is? That's the difference between what you pay in taxes to government and what government spends on you and your household. The paper will give you the details, but low-skilled immigrant households in the U.S. received about $10,000 more in government benefits than does the average U.S. household. What's the figure? About $30,160 every year in immediate benefits and services for every low-skill immigrant household. To compound the distributional deficit, low-skill immigrant households pay less in taxes than do the average U.S. Households. These low-skill immigrant households pay about $10,573 a year in taxes. Subtract this from the amount government spends on them and you have a deficit of $19,588.

Let's carry these numbers for our wonderful illegal -- soon to be legal -- households out a few years. Rector says that the average adult lifespan for each head of household is about 60 years. The research shows that this distributional deficit will continue throughout this life span for low-skill immigrant households. The total? About $1.2 million for each low-skill immigrant household.

In 2004 there were 4.5 million low-skill immigrant households in the U.S. More math: Multiply the average net distributional deficit of $19,588 per household and you get a total deficit of $89.1 billion .... per year!

Ask yourself .. can this country afford this? Can we afford an amnesty bill that will legitimize and legalize these illegal-alien households, and millions more to come? No. The costs are financially unsustainable.

Why isn't this more of a part of the immigration debate?

Excerpt From

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May 16, 2007

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

The DeKalb county police killed another person today who was waving a bible and a knife. They said they tried everything to prevent using deadly force. Bullshit, there are less lethal ways to take down a person who has anything less than a gun. The was the second killing of a person in the last two days. They killed 12 last year alone. This is a rogue police department and a serious threat to the citizens of this county. They are currently being investigated for all these killings and I hope they get their ass handed to them. I would not trust them as far as you could throw them. If you do not live in this county steer clear of it or you could become a victim of bullshit tickets or death. They may be a necessary evil but I damn well do not have to respect them.

They put their pants on the same way I do, one leg at a time.

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May 14, 2007

The Haircut!

I did it, I cut my hair this Saturday. After three years of growing it I cut it all off. I still can't believe it even though as each day passes I will get more used to it. I regretted it the next day but I will live. I decided to cut it for two reasons, one was because my wife really wanted me to cut and two, because it was so damn hot Saturday my hair made my head feel like it was in an oven.

The one good thing about is that I did not lose my strength and I was able to donate the pony tail to Locks Of who makes real hair wigs for children with cancer who have lost their hair. That alone makes all worth it. :-)

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May 09, 2007


There is a service station In Merrill, Wisconsin that has been giving discounts on gas to senior citizens and anyone who supports youth sports. The station owner has been ordered by the state to raise its prices on gas or risk being sued by the state. The state department of Agriculture,Trade and consumer protection says the discounts violate Wisconsin's Unfair sales act which says the station must sell its gas at 9.2 percent more than the wholesale price.

I thought the government had nothing to do with the price of gas. Its all supposed to simple economics, supply and demand right? Now I am not so sure. Of course, I am sure there is much our government does not tell us.

So, if you are to fear anything fear the Imperial Federal Government.

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May 08, 2007

Killer Gets A Pass!

Carter Arnold Jr and a friend decided to go on a killing spree here in Atlanta GA back in 1969. They killed six people including a 12 year old boy and a war veteran named Danial DuLac who had only been home from Vietnam six months when Arnold shot him in the chest with a shotgun. Arnold was eventually convicted of three of the murders including DuLac. He was sentenced to five life terms for the murders. You are not going to believe this but two years ago the Georgia board of pardons and parole let him go. He was sent to an aftercare home where he quickly got into trouble for not following the rules and his parole was revoked. He was sent back to prison.

Now for the second (you won't believe this) time The Georgia board of pardons and parole are letting him out next Tuesday from a Georgia prison. Will the madness in this country ever stop. How long before this murderer kills again?

Stay Tuned..........

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May 06, 2007


I spent much of Saturday getting my car fixed. The water pump went out and in the process of getting that changed out we discovered that The belt Tensioner was bad so that was $54.00 I did not expect to pay. My daughters soon to be husband did all the labor and we bought him dinner. Total for parts was $120.00 and $200.00 saved on labor. A pretty good deal If I say so myself. My nephew came over and hung out for a few hours drinking beers and playing darts. I finally went to bed around 12:AM.

I woke up this morning to a brand new unused Sunday morning. It is so nice out there right now. Marchello and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and took some pictures of flowers and such. Now I am back home and bored to death. I guess I could cut the grass but I just may wait till tomorrow for that.


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May 03, 2007

Want To Get F%$#ed in the ass?

Just come to DeKalb County Ga and get a traffic ticket. I am not sure how long it will be before I can sit down again after being fucked out of $146.00 for failure to obey a traffic signal. Last Easter Sunday me, my wife and granddaughter were on our way to some friends for an Easter egg hunt. The speed limit on 29 is 45 miles an hour (the asshole that pulled me over did not know this) and I was doing just under that. I was coming upon a traffic light which turned yellow just as I was less than ten feet from the line. Considering how close I was to the line there was no way to stop with out slamming on the brakes which I was not about to do with my granddaughter and a cooler in the back seat. I slowed down almost to a stop but was halfway through the light when I did. I decided to go on through even though there was an asshole cop sitting at the same light waiting to pull out onto 29. Sure enough they pull me over and a punk rookie (Pooty) tells me I ran the light. I told her that there was no way to stop and that was why she saw me slow down the way I did in the intersection. The bitch gives me a ticket anyway so I asked her what I was supposed to do if that situation came up again. Should I go through or should I back up to the line. She refused to answer the question and her asshole sidekick tells me that the speed limit was 40mph and that I was probably going to fast. I told him the speed limit was 45 and I was doing under that. Here they are giving me a ticket and the idiots do not even know the speed limit of the road they were patrolling. On top of that the ticket looked like a two year old had written it out. I could hardly read it. Needless to say this really put a damper on my Easter.

On the back of the ticket it says you must wait ten days before finding out what the fine will be. Wrong, how about three weeks. It also says you can pay the fine through the mail with cash, money order or cashiers check but in the same paragraph it says do not send cash. After calling and finding out the fine was $132.00 I was told I could pay with a credit card over the phone (with a nine dollar charge of course) or at the recorders court. Lie, they do not except credit cards at the recorders court. Even there they charge five dollars just to pay the fine. Everything I was told was a lie. Of course if you knew who runs DeKalb County government you would know why one hand does not know what the other is doing. The fine was actually $136.00 and I had to pay over the phone including the $9.00 charge. I was fucked in every way possible and these assholes love doing it. So, unless you love getting fucked up the ass stay away from DeKalb County Georgia

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May 01, 2007

Here We Go Again!

The Illegals are going to march demanding that they be left alone to break the law and carry on their flagrant disregard for the law. They have no intention of assimilating into this country nor learn its language. They will continue to be a burden on the health care system, schools and crime. I will continue to have no respect for a people who have the audacity to fly the United States Flag upside down with their flag flying above it. Every country on this planet has immigration laws and they enforce them. This country should be no different. We as a country owe them nothing and we as a country should stand against anyone who invades it. Yes, this country is made up of immigrants from all over the world but at least they were responsible and adult enough to do it the right way. If you want to earn the respect of the people of this country you are going about it the wrong way. Intimidation and breaking the law will not earn you that respect. This is a nation of laws. Follow and respect them or go back home.

Read what legal American Hispanics have to say, here---> You Do Not Speak For Me

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